Recent Before & After Photos

Mold Damaged Powder Room in Raleigh

The dripping from the water line resulted in the full blooming of mold spores into large colonies. The stains are unsightly, the odor not pleasant, and the heal... READ MORE

Wake Forest Storm Damage

The ceiling of this garage in Wake Forest was wetted from a storm that tore a hold in the flat roof. We were called immediately to the scene and were able to co... READ MORE

Raleigh Area School Suffers Storm Damage

The muddy groundwater flooded the hard surface flooring in the corridor of this school in Wake Forest. Fortunately, the hard surfaces absorbed very little conta... READ MORE

Storm Damage – Raleigh

Storm damage cleanup and restoration can sometimes reach large proportions in Raleigh. When necessary, SERVPRO can offer help by their Disaster Recovery Team. T... READ MORE

Raleigh Mold Damage from a Water Leak

The mold from the leaky flat roof was starting to degrade the supporting beams and studs. The unsightly staining also caused an unpleasant odor to permeate thro... READ MORE

Another Kitchen Fire in Raleigh

The most common room for fires in a Raleigh home is the kitchen. This grease fire started in the frying pan and spread to a hanging hand towel. Fortunately, the... READ MORE

Fire Sprinkler Causes Damage in Raleigh, NC

This commercial property had an engaged fire sprinkler which caused damage to the offices to include the flooring. The company was pleased with how quickly a ce... READ MORE

Commercial Fire Damage in Raleigh, NC

This commercial property in Raleigh, NC experienced an electrical fire. The extent of the fire damage affected both floors of the building. If you have com... READ MORE

Water Damaged Apartment in Raleigh, NC

This apartment in Raleigh, NC suffered from a minor water leak in the ceiling. Our technicians were able to mitigate the damage quickly to make the unit ready f... READ MORE

Leaky Roof in Raleigh, NC

This commercial property in Raleigh, NC experienced a small roof leak. After the company repaired the roof, the leak persisted and resulted in damage to the cei... READ MORE