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Another Kitchen Fire in Raleigh

The most common room for fires in a Raleigh home is the kitchen. This grease fire started in the frying pan and spread to a hanging hand towel. Fortunately, the... READ MORE

Fire Sprinkler Causes Damage in Raleigh, NC

This commercial property had an engaged fire sprinkler which caused damage to the offices to include the flooring. The company was pleased with how quickly a ce... READ MORE

Commercial Fire Damage in Raleigh, NC

This commercial property in Raleigh, NC experienced an electrical fire. The extent of the fire damage affected both floors of the building. If you have com... READ MORE

Water Damaged Apartment in Raleigh, NC

This apartment in Raleigh, NC suffered from a minor water leak in the ceiling. Our technicians were able to mitigate the damage quickly to make the unit ready f... READ MORE

Leaky Roof in Raleigh, NC

This commercial property in Raleigh, NC experienced a small roof leak. After the company repaired the roof, the leak persisted and resulted in damage to the cei... READ MORE

Fireplace Ruins Living Area in North Raleigh, NC

In these pictures, a North Raleigh, NC living area had beautiful hardwood floors destroyed as a result of a fire. The homeowner had an old fashioned fireplace w... READ MORE

Cooking Fire in North Raleigh, NC

An accident on an electric stove caused a massive fire that affected the entire residence in North Raleigh, NC. Unattended cooking fires can spread quickly and ... READ MORE

Fire Damage in Raleigh, NC

Kitchen fires can cause damage to your entire home. Smoke and soot is very invasive and can cause hidden damage and odor. Prolonged soot exposure can permanentl... READ MORE

Kitchen Fire in Raleigh, NC

An unwatched pot caught fire when a resident at this home fell asleep while cooking. Fortunately, the fire did not spread beyond the kitchen. However, the smell... READ MORE

Water and Mold Remediation in Raleigh, NC

A kitchen drain line is the cause of extensive water damage in this homeowner's North Raleigh home. Our certified technicians also had to remediate the secondar... READ MORE