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Why Your Home Needs Surge Protectors

5/16/2017 (Permalink)

Surge protectors protect your electronics and prevent costly electronic replacements.

A power surge is an unwanted and unexpected surge of voltage that can damage or destroy your electronic equipment. Most people think of lightning and/or storms as the source of power surges however, the National Electrical Manufactures Association estimates over 60% of surges originate from inside the home.

A surge protector will protect your smaller more expensive electronics. Some surge protectors include outlets for ethernet, cable, or satellite connections. Surge protectors are relatively easy to use. You simply plug them into the device you wish to protect. Only the electronics plugged into the device will be protected. Most surge protectors look like a power strip. Be sure to determine you are using an actual surge protector and not power strip.

The surge protector limits the unexpected voltage supplied to the electronic device by blocking those voltages that are above a safe level. If a surge does happen, and your electronics were protected, you will need to replace the surge protector after the event. You will also need to replace your surge protectors over time to ensure they will work properly when needed. While surge protectors offer a great deal of protection, no surge protector can handle a direct lightning strike.

There are many threats to your home, both inside and out. SERVPRO® of North Raleigh & Wake Forest strives to educate home and business owners on protecting their most valuable assets.