Water Damage Photo Gallery

Remediating Multi-Story Raleigh Pipe Water Damage

All three floors of the Raleigh property in this photo suffered water damage from a burst pipe. SERVPRO equipment, like the air movers and dehumidifiers in the kitchen and dining area, are key to restoring structures and contents.

Our water mitigation process is seamless and effective

Our team of water cleanup experts know how to apply proper mitigation techniques when mitigating damage to your home or business.

We will extract the remaining standing water, and set up the proper amount of drying equipment. This equipment is put in place using the best techniques in the industry. Let us get your property back to preloss condition!

Water Loss Help for Hardwood Floors in a Raleigh Kitchen

This Photo exemplifies and amplifies the skills of SERVPRO water damage restoration technicians. Hardwood floors that absorb water from kitchen mishaps in Raleigh need immediate attention for mitigating damages. After we vacuum up the standing water from the leaking dishwasher, we can focus on preserving the tongue and groove boards and the supporting floor joists. For maximizing the drying time and minimizing exposure to the effects of moisture, we taped plastic sheeting to seal the damp area and used lay-flat tubing connected to a heated dehumidifier. We carefully monitor the moisture content to prevent splitting of the boards and plan to remove the equipment once our drying goals have been achieved. Raleigh residents rely on the expertise of SERVPRO to respond quickly and make our customers feel "Like it never even happened."

Raleigh Water Damage Restoration Emergency Service-24/7

The homeowners of this Raleigh water damaged kitchen received instant relief when our SERVPRO Green Fleet rolled up soon after the call for help. Our skilled technicians extracted the water and executed a partial demolition to mitigate the water damage. Our industry-leading air movers and dehumidifiers are busy drying out the area in preparation for a new kitchen. We're Faster To Any Size Disaster.

Residential Water And Flood Damage Restoration In Raleigh And Wake Forest

Our team was able to fully restore this residential property that suffered from significant water and flood damage. Thanks to our highly trained technicians you would not be able to tell there was any damage. We made the restoration process simple by handling both the water damage mitigation and rebuilding the damaged area. When dealing with water or flood damage in Raleigh and Wake Forest call the experts at SERVPRO.

Water Damage - Raleigh Home

Water damage was incurred by this Raleigh home when a pipe within the walls burst. The flooring was thoroughly soaked, and our instruments were telling us the subfloor had sustained too much water damage to dry through the flooring material, so we tore up the carpeting and padding to allow us to dry the subfloor adequately.

North Raleigh Water Damage

Pooling water not removed quickly can result in cupping and warping of hardwood flooring. This North Raleigh home was unoccupied over a weekend, and the photo illustrates the result of the water. SERVPRO can lift the flooring planks, dry out the supporting floor joists, and try to reinstall the hardwoods.

Commercial Water Loss

Here a business suffered from a water loss due to a toilet that overflowed. Our team was able to arrive onsite quickly, and mitigate the water damages, which had migrated outside the tile bathroom and onto the carpeted hallway. 

Specialty Equipment

This homeowner experienced a water loss that had the potential to ruin their beautiful hardwood floors. Our technicians used a specialty mat drying system to save the flooring. "Like it never even happened."

Cavity Drying Preparation

This homeowner experienced a significant water loss from an upstairs bathroom sink overflow. This required not only drying the flooring of the affected room, but also the ceiling from below. Here our technician is cutting the ceiling to prepare a cavity for containment. 


Our technicians use numerous types of equipment to dry out your home. Here a technician is using a stand-on rover to extract water from a customer's living quarters.