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Flood Damage And Insulation In Your Raleigh Home

8/3/2021 (Permalink)

A man catching water dripping from above his head. Water damage in odd places after storm damage is not uncommon. SERVPRO of North Raleigh & Wake Forest knows what to do.

Flood Damage And Your Insulation

Even though fire is a more common fear among homeowners in Raleigh, you can be as much as ten times more likely to have your home damaged by water than by fire. Sources of flooding and water damage to your property can come from weather-related flooding, including flash floods, heavy rains, tidal storm surges, tidal storms, and mudflows.

Even if you are not living in a high-risk flood zone, flooding is always possible from heavy storms. If your home in Raleigh has experienced flooding and flood damage, it is imperative that action is taken right away to restore your home. SERVPRO is always standing by to help you mitigate any flood damage and clean up your home.

Storm Flood Damage Remediation 

When your home is flooded, one thing we need to check is your insulation. Moisture lessens its ability to work, and so it may have to be removed. Unlike other kinds of insulation, however, fiberglass insulation might not permanently lose its power. It is sometimes possible for us to dry it.

Rockwool and cellulose insulations usually mat when they get wet. Plus, moisture antimicrobial qualities and the fire resistance of cellulosic material. Rockwood also has metal in it, which can rust when wet. Therefore, these kinds of insulation might need replacing.

SERVPRO techs also understand that vapor barriers on fiberglass insulation can slow drying, so it cannot always be restored. It can be difficult to dry insulation inside fully enclosed ceiling cavities or walls. Stopping the growth of mold is also a big concern in this situation.

Drying wall cavities requires us to ventilate them. One way we do this is by drilling holes in between studs and removing the baseboards. We then use these holes to force air into the wall cavities to increase evaporation. If a lot of moisture is present, we might need to remove the drywall. There won’t always be moisture inside your walls during a flood situation. We use moisture meters to detect any hidden moisture.

When you experience flooding in your home, SERVPRO of North Raleigh & Wake Forest is thorough with the remediation process to get your structure dry and safe again. Give us a call at (919) 790-1222 as soon as possible after an emergency like this so we can help.

Three Tips to Reduce Your Risk of Fire Damage in Raleigh

7/27/2021 (Permalink)

A blue house with a fire in it. Trust our SERVPRO team to assist your Raleigh fire damage.

Heed SERVPRO's Advice to Reduce the Chance of Fire & Smoke Damage

Keeping your home safeguarded against fire damage in Raleigh does not take much time or money, but still, every year, SERVPRO franchises nationwide clean up after hundreds of fires that could have been avoided or prevented with minor changes. While the risk of your home catching fire is probably low, you can drive that risk even further down with some simple changes in your lifestyle and situation. Some of these changes could even end up saving you money on other expenses, in addition to reducing the likelihood of a future fire. 

A Good Lightning Rod

Lightning remains one of the most common causes of fire damage in Raleigh and other cities in the Carolinas due to relatively frequent rainfall, thunderstorms, and the occasional hurricane in many months of the year. Lightning rods are designed to attract lightning to a contained, grounded metal avenue and prevent many fires from starting every year across the United States. Make sure your lightning rod(s)is in good condition and, if you do not have one installed, consider hooking one up to your property. Nearby tall trees can also divert lightning away from your home but can also catch fire themselves and later spread to the home.

Keeping Lights Off

Not only does reducing light bulb usage in your home save money on power expenditures, but it also significantly lowers your risk of an electrical fire. Traditional light bulbs may sometimes produce sparks or catch fire when they burn out or experience a power surge, potentially blooming into a dangerous and fast-spreading electrical fire. Consider investing in newer LED lighting, or just flip the lights off whenever you do not need them.

Avoid Using Candles

Candles are a remarkably common source of house fires in the United States, even though most American homes use them only for decorative and ambiance purposes. While candles can imbue the air with a pleasant smell and make your home prettier, they are also a huge fire hazard. At the very least, you should put out any candles when you leave the room for longer than a two or three-minute period, but cutting back on their usage altogether is often a better option.

SERVPRO of North Raleigh & Wake Forest is an experienced local provider of fire damage restoration and cleanup services. If your home has been affected by fire, call us at (919) 790-1222.

Why is Water Mitigation Important for Raleigh Residents?

7/20/2021 (Permalink)

Standing water in a living room. Trying to wrap your head around water damage can be frustrating. Reach out to SERVPRO of North Raleigh and Wake Forest today.

Water Mitigation Can Help Reduce Losses and Prevent Secondary Damages. SERVPRO Can Help Mitigate Water Damage in Your Raleigh Home

When water empties into a home environment, it begins to attract microbes and can immediately absorb any pre-existing dirt or grime. A water spill can often worsen over time as micro-organisms reproduce, which can cause a clean water spill to escalate into a grey or black water scenario quickly. The process of preventing water from degrading and damaging materials in the home is mitigation. Mitigation can help with:

  • Water damage repairs
  • Water clean up
  • Burst pipes

The main proponent of water mitigation in your Raleigh home is to drain and dry the property as quickly as possible. Wet surfaces and materials can easily break down with prolonged exposure. SERVPRO technicians guarantee to arrive on-site within four hours of notification of loss to help reduce the likelihood of water damages becoming permanent. Water mitigation relies on:

  • Expert organization, including setting staging areas, tracking water migration, and assessing materials.
  • High-powered machinery to pump out water or dry the indoor environment efficiently.
  • Effective cleaning methods specific to the type of materials, such as emulsifying powders for carpets or disinfectants for hard floors. 

To prevent excessive losses after a water leak, contact SERVPRO of North Raleigh and Wake Forest for water mitigation at (919) 790-1222.

SERVPRO Meets The Challenge Of Attic Restoration After Fire Damage In Raleigh

7/6/2021 (Permalink)

Fire billowing out of the roof of a home. Fire damage restoration is a must for your Raleigh home. Call SERVPRO of North Raleigh & Wake Forest for all your restoration needs.

SERVPRO Resolves Soot, Odors, and Charred Lumbar Problems

In the case of a house fire, the attic is at risk of smoke damage. In any fire restoration situation, the aim is to restore every affected area of your Raleigh property so that your home feels like your own again. An essential facet of fire cleanup is tackling any soot damage in the attic. 

Attics pose particular challenges when it comes to restoration after fire damage to your Raleigh home. That is why we recommend calling SERVPRO as soon as you can. We train our technicians to IICRC-standards and make sure they have all the training and equipment needed to tackle even challenging situations. When you call us, you can rest assured that your attic is in safe hands. 

Attic Fire Damage Restoration

An attic is usually a small space or at least one with slanting eaves. It is less accessible than the rest of your home, which is why you need the best experts on hand to help you. The unusual shape of the attic poses a problem, and much of the timber in the attic is likely to be unfinished, which means it is harder to remove soot residue. 

Our team starts by sorting and cataloging any items in your attic. Non-salvageable items are disposed of, while salvageable items are logged and taken to our specialist facilities for cleaning. Do not worry – no item is removed or destroyed without consulting you first. 

Once the attic is clear of items and debris, we set to work cleaning it up. Because much of the timber in attics is untreated, several methods are available for restoration. Under the right conditions, pressurized CO2 pellets are directed at the affected lumber to chase the residues off. Since the carbon dioxide sublimates from solid to gas, there is no mess other than the removed particles. Abrasive cleaning actions such as wire brush scrubbing are often the most efficient choice for soot removal. We train our technicians in a range of cleaning methods so they can tackle the aftermath of any fire. 

If necessary, exposed timber is treated with a duct sealer or a deodorizing sealer to control odor and restore the surface as much as possible. 

Our team also deodorizes your attic, so you will not even notice that a smoky smell used to linger there. Depending on the situation, we bring in either thermal foggers or ozone machines to thoroughly deodorize the space and leave it clean once more. By chemically altering the noxious particulates, the odors are removed, not masked until a scent wears off.

Attics present a unique challenge to restoration teams, but SERVPRO does not stop until your attic is clean and usable once more. For help with fire and smoke cleanup to your Raleigh, North Hills, and Morrisville property, call SERVPRO of North Raleigh & Wake Forest at (919) 790-1222 today for assistance.

Fire Damage Can Close Raleigh Restaurants

6/22/2021 (Permalink)

burnt contents and chairs in a restaurant Having a fire in your Raleigh business can cause panic. Call SERVPRO of North Raleigh & Wake Forest for help. We are

Fire and Smoke Damage Restoration and Cleanup

Kitchen fires can happen in both homes and businesses. When a restaurant in Raleigh experiences one, it can change everything in a matter of minutes. After the primary shock and evacuation of your restaurant, diners typically expect you to reopen quickly. After all, it was only a 'small fire.'

However, whenever a Raleigh restaurant sustains fire damage, it can take a very long time to get everything back to normal again. SERVPRO technicians undergo extensive training and education to remediate problems caused by smoke, soot, and fire in a rapid manner. Working quickly not only gets the job done faster but also keeps existing damage from spreading.

Water & Fire Damage Restorations

While experts recommend against using water on a kitchen fire as it sits on the stove, any areas that catch fire where firefighters attend to, later can sustain water damage, as well. This damage continues to spread. It can also affect metal throughout your kitchen.

As moisture seeps underneath floors, inside walls, and behind cabinets, smokey residues and soot slowly harden on materials. The black-coated walls, shelves, equipment, and anything else needs specialized cleaning skills to restore them. Without timely removal, the materials covered by soot and smoke can lose their shine or luster when cleaning occurs later.

Smoke Damage Restoration

Charring of walls and other structures requires repairs, as well. Removal of damaged materials and followed by replacements help cut the odor down a great deal. However, the soot and smoke permeate everywhere, including the dining area. Your patrons might not expect the scent of your restaurant to also return to normal, but if it smells terrible when they return, you should expect complaints.

Our Odor Control Technician (OCT) works alongside the rest of our crew members, ensuring your restaurant is genuinely ready to reopen. Scent makes up a large part of our daily lives. While eating a meal, much of the taste is made up of how it smells. Bad smells can adversely affect the taste so almost any food. We want to make sure that even the food served at your restaurant is once again "Like it never even happened."

The technicians of SERVPRO of North Raleigh & Wake Forest enjoy eating at our local restaurants with their families, and we want to help your restaurant reopen quickly after fire damage. Call us for our 24-hour service at (919) 790-1222 any day of the year.

Does SERVPRO Offer Mold Damage Remediation in Raleigh?

6/15/2021 (Permalink)

Mold around a window with the words MOLD on a white wall. Mold damage can be frustrating on all accounts for your Raleigh properties. Call SERVPRO of North Raleigh & Wake Forest for assistance today.

Can Mold Be Removed from Porous and Non-Porous Materials in Raleigh?

Mold spores are everywhere, and a mold infestation can do a lot of damage to your Raleigh home or business if not addressed immediately. Mold spores love dark, warm moist areas. Anywhere there is a leak, moisture from an air conditioner, or water seeping in through walls and windows, there is a good chance that mold colonies will form and cause damage.

SERVPRO provides mold damage remediation to Raleigh homeowners and businesses. Mold infestations can do a great deal of damage, especially to porous materials. In most cases, these materials must be carefully removed and properly disposed of. Non-porous materials can be cleaned and moved to a staging area for later return to their original locations.

SERVPRO examines the semi-porous materials and, if possible, will clean and disinfect these materials as well.

Our SERVPRO team sets up a containment area to prevent exposing other areas of the home or building to mold spores as mold removal, and cleaning takes place. Once the moisture source has been removed or repaired, we remove all damaged materials, clean up the area, and begin drying the structure to prevent further contamination.

SERVPRO provides complete service – inspection, containment, removal, cleaning, disinfection, and drying. Our services include:

  • Black mold removal
  • Removal of attic mold
  • Basement mold removal

Call SERVPRO of North Raleigh & Wake Forest for mold damage remediation in Raleigh and surrounding areas. We can help 24/7. Call (919) 790-1222.

Avoid Continuing Water Damage Problems in Raleigh

6/3/2021 (Permalink)

dehus working in a buileing SERVPRO deploys advanced equipment to dry structures in Raleigh following a water damaging event--from a small leak to a pipe burst.

Elimination of Water Drips Prevents Hidden Damages from Expanding

Many people view home maintenance as a checklist, taking care of routine or obvious problems one by one. A mysterious puddle of water gets mopped up every few days without much thought, or a persistently musty-smelling bathroom gets a regular scrub and an air freshener. SERVPRO recommends an evaluation of unexpected dampness and odors as hidden water damage can be the cause.

Water damage in your Raleigh home can be stealthy, fine cracks in a pipe or a loose connection dripping water over time. Failing to install or use an exhaust fan in a bathroom or kitchen allows humidity to soar, dampening walls enough for mildew or mold to take hold. These types of seemingly minor water incursions are prevalent and eventually create severe harm to your home if ignored. Our highly trained technicians know where to find concealed water incursions and how to restore the damage they cause.

Left untreated, even tiny amounts of water soak into the structure of a home. Wood swells, rotting out under sink cabinets or producing warped areas on a hardwood floor: drywall crumbles and ceilings sag, the paint bubbling and peeling. Anywhere water lives, mold can take up residency, proliferating between walls or under tiles. SERVPRO crews unravel the mystery of this damage, finding the leaks and measuring the moisture content of your home’s building materials and air. Then we formulate a plan to abate the leaks or excessive humidity and the damage they caused.

We expose the wet areas any way possible, open cabinet doors, remove kick plates to extract standing water, and position air movers to thoroughly dry the spaces. SERVPRO crew members punch holes in drooping ceilings or stained wall areas to release water and permit airflow to move the remaining moisture out. Technicians check out steamy spaces and recommend opening windows or, preferably, adding and using exhaust fans consistently. Powerful dehumidifiers and sometimes heaters aid the restoration effort. If mold is present, our workers trained in EPA-approved remediation techniques manage microbial outbreaks.

SERVPRO is committed to restoring current water damage and educating on strategies to avoid problems in the future. After the structure dries, repairs and refinishing complete the job. We focus on restoration, never suggesting radical tear-outs and remodeling when proven recovery methods bring your dwelling back to its condition before the hidden destruction.

Involve SERVPRO of North Raleigh & Wake Forest as early as you can when you notice persistent moisture, discoloration or warping of floors and walls, or a moldy smell. Call (919) 790-1222 day or night to schedule an inspection by our experienced team.

Keeping Your Family Safe in a Flood Damage Situation in Raleigh

5/25/2021 (Permalink)

servpro parked vehicles at job site The Green Fleet from SERVPRO removes floodwaters and mitigates storm damage in the Greater Raleigh Area.

SERVPRO Technicians Remediate Your Flood Damage

Floodwaters present various risks, such as the risk of injuries, hazards, and health effects to the residents of Raleigh. Furthermore, they can lead to immeasurable damage to your property, belongings, and the environment at large. In the end, you may need several repairs and maintenance.

Dramatic climate changes can put you at risk of flooding and, consequently, flood damage in Raleigh. When this happens, safety should be your main priority. Once everyone is safe and out of danger, SERVPRO can come in and proceed with the flood damage restoration process. Our IICRC-approved technicians are highly experienced and highly skilled, using state-of-the-art equipment when responding to an emergency.

Contaminated Black Water

In most flood damage situations, the floodwater is usually contaminated. Any floodwater can contain dangerous bacteria that could cause health effects - from sewers and drains in urban areas to animal wastes in rural areas.

SERVPRO flood damage restoration technicians can disinfect any item that has been in contact with the floodwater and then discard the ones that cannot be adequately cleaned. Hand sanitizing gel or wet wipes can work as a temporary cleaning solution before we arrive. Any food that the floodwater has contaminated should be disposed of, including fresh produce from the refrigerator or freezer.

Flood damage comes typically hand in hand with foul odors and dampness, which may take SERVPRO several months to eliminate from your home. Generally, steer away from flood water that is moving or is above 4 inches (10 cm) from the flood. Fast-moving water can unbalance and knock you off your feet. Considering that water levels may change drastically anytime, you need to position yourself in a place where you can escape to safety when the levels rise. Indeed, floodwater can hide numerous physical hazards such as open maintenance holes, raised drain covers, sharp items like metal or glass, and other trip hazards.

Storms and floods are unexpected, but when they come knocking, you can trust SERVPRO of North Raleigh & Wake Forest to restore any flood damage they may bring about. Our services are available 24/7, every day of the week. Call us today at (919) 790-1222.

Who Can Help with Fire Damage Restoration in Raleigh Homes after an Electrical Fire?

5/18/2021 (Permalink)

fire truck and servpro car SERVPRO waits to start the fire damage cleanup in Raleigh. We're Faster To Any Size Disaster.

Raleigh area homeowners contact SERVPRO for house fire cleanup

Watching your house contents being engulfed by flames and your family put at risk, can be frightening. However, SERVPRO professionals have decades of experience in the restoration industry. Our technicians can stop further fire damage, salvage most of your valuable items, and get your property to its preloss state.

What precautions should I take?

Before you get into the affected property, wait for the local authorities to deem your property safe for re-entry. Contact our franchise within 48 hours to help with any size of fire damage in your Raleigh home. If you have to get into the property, try to avoid:

  • Getting into the property before the relevant authorities declare it safe
  • Surfaces with soot and smoke residues to minimize spreading
  • Trying to restore the affected area

What are the first steps for fire damage mitigation?

Before we begin the restoration process, we inspect the affected area thoroughly to get a clear picture of the damage intensity. Our team of technicians can use pre-testing of upholstery, fabrics, and porous materials to ensure application of the correct cleaning products.

Can restorers clean valuables with soot?

We ensure to clean and repair our customer’s contents in our off-site warehouse. Our experts can use the immersion technique for delicate items using the ultrasonic cleaner to remove soot and smoke residues. The cleaning technique uses sound waves to form and implode bubbles. The collapsing bubbles produce energy and water movement, which eliminates the soot residues on the items.

With our innovative skills and state-of-the-art equipment, fire damage restoration should be hassle-free. Contact SERVPRO of North Raleigh & Wake Forest can bring your home back to life, “Like it never even happened.” Talk to us today at (919) 790-1222.

Businesses in Raleigh Use Commercial Water Removal Restaurant Specialists for Urgent Mitigation

5/3/2021 (Permalink)

dishwasher over flowing When your business is out of commission because of water damage, it now becomes ours. Call SERVPRO for fast and immediate restoration for your company

SERVPRO Can Help Restore your Restaurant in Raleigh Quickly with Minimum Inconvenience

A busy restaurant can suffer water intrusion from several different sources. Installed plumbing systems can leak, crack or burst. Equally, appliances that are used throughout service can succumb to malfunctions or other issues. SERVPRO is here to help our local restaurants with:

  • Emergency services water damage
  • Water damage remediation
  • Burst pipes

Shutting off the source of water is the first step in commercial water removal for restaurants in Raleigh. This step can often be invaluable to reducing further damages. Technicians can then use advanced moisture measuring equipment to track water migration from the source through the structure. 

In an emergency, contact SERVPRO of North Raleigh & Wake Forest for water removal restaurant (919) 790-1222.